Setup instructions

The setup can be accomplished within 5-10 minutes and needs only minimal modification of your databases and tables:
Watch the uncut process in this movie here, on vimeo or youtube.

1. Create your solution

Alternatively you can of course take an existing solution you want to distribute to other devices.

2. Follow the setup instructions of the FileMaker-Sync tool

  1. Download files
  2. Copy the files: Unzip and copy all the sync-files (3 files) in the same folder as your existing FileMaker solution files are.
  3. Setup: Start the setup by running the file Sync.fmp12 and follow the 5 simple steps to make your application ready for sync.
  4. Add a sync button to your layout: Place a sync button somewhere on your layout and select the script "sync" from the SyncInterface file (add the file as a remote source first).

    To test: Copy all the files (including the sync files) to multiple devices, then log in with the same credentials on every device.

3. Copy your files to two or more devices (Mac, Windows, iOS devices)

This part describes how to install your Filemaker database on multiple computers and share the data between them. First copy all the files to every device you want to synchronise. Then press the sync button you have created on your layout. You will see a prompt to enter your login credentials. Login with the same account on all devices to synchronise the data with eachother.

To install your files on a iOS device, follow the instructions from the FileMaker website

  1. Connect your device to your computer. If the device is locked, enter the passcode.
  2. In iTunes, select your device, then click Apps at the top of the window.
  3. In the File Sharing section, select FileMaker Go from the Apps list, then click Add.
    If you have multiple versions of FileMaker Go installed, select the appropriate version.
  4. Select the files to transfer to your device, then click Add.
    Files with the extension .fmp12 and .fmpur are compatible with FileMaker Go 12 and FileMaker Go 13 (or later supported versions). Files with the extension .fp7 and .usr are compatible with FileMaker Go 11 and earlier.

    The FileMaker Pro files are copied to your device.

Common configuration errors

On sync, the error "Fields in 'XY' are missing"

This error means that either:

  • You forgot to copy the sync fields to your table you want to sync (Step 1 in the installation within the FileMaker Sync Tool)
  • Your layouts are named incorrectly: Please name the layouts within the sync connector the same as your table's name (Step 2 in the installation)
  • You are opening the database twice with the same FileMaker Application. Follow the steps to test the sync on one computer

Demo files

If you simply want to test the synchronisation with a demo database, use the following files. For the demo files and the runtime you can use the username "" and the password "" if you do not want to create an account to test the sync. (all data for this demo are public!)

Tesing on one device: Follow the steps to test on one computer

Demo FileMaker Starter database (Contacts) configured with "Sync" Tool for FileMaker

Runtime version of the Contacts database with synchronisation set up.

Compatible with the following products:
FileMaker Pro 13, FileMaker Pro Advanced 13, FileMaker Server 13, FileMaker GO 13,
FileMaker Pro 14, FileMaker Pro Advanced 14, FileMaker Server 14, FileMaker GO 14,
FileMaker Pro 15, FileMaker Pro Advanced 15, FileMaker Server 15, FileMaker GO 15,
FileMaker Pro 16, FileMaker Pro Advanced 16, FileMaker Server 16, FileMaker GO 16,
FileMaker Pro 17, FileMaker Pro Advanced 17, FileMaker Server 17, FileMaker GO 17

Delete your files from the server

To delete your data, follow this link: