"Sync" for FileMaker brings FileMaker to the cloud. The 100% FileMaker (no plugins or extensions) based product allows to synchronise your data between multiple databases. Besides the basic features as the replication of new records, changed records and deleted records accross all databases "Sync" supports all regular fields as well as attachments, repeated fields and keeps all inline styles of the fields.

How it works

  1. Download and install the synchronisation
  2. All your data in the tables you have set up for sync will be replicated with the cloud server
  3. Only changed records are transferred
  4. Remote changes (from other clients that are working with your database on other computers) will be downloaded from the cloud server and applied to your local database
  5. All your databases stay in sync!

Easy installation

5 simple steps to set up your databases

  1. Add the synchronisation helper fields to your tables
  2. Add your database files to the SyncConfig file inside the “Add remote source”
  3. Add a relation to each of your tables inside the SyncConfig file
  4. Add a layout for every relation you added in the previous step
  5. Connect your App to the synchronisation server and define which fields you want to synchronise

Feature overview

  • Synchronise multiple tables (which can be located in different databases as well) at the same time
  • No server of your own needed. It synchronises with the cloud
  • No connection to your vpn or secured network needed (all traffic is sent securely over ssl/https)
  • Fast and reliable
  • Attachments (Container), repeated fields, and all other datatypes and formattings are supported
  • Share data between different applications (create a separate app for iPhone and iPads (Filemaker Go) and sync them with your desktop application)
  • Select which field should synchronised and assign each field to the field in another application you want to synchronise
  • Multi tenancy (for developers who build applications for multiple tenants)
  • No plugins needed (uses only native FileMaker functionality)
  • Multiple timezone support
  • Last but not least: Super easy setup in under 15 minutes!
Planned features (will be implemented depending on demand)
  • Advanced conflict management (including queue option for conflict queuing and resolving afterwards)
  • Translations to other languages
  • Custom logo support

Minimum Requirements


Runs in different environments

  • FileMaker Pro / FileMaker Pro Advanced (Installation)
  • FileMaker Go (Installation)
  • FileMaker Server (Installation)
  • Runtime Solutions (Installation)

Runs on all platforms on which FileMaker is running

  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Windows

No Plugins

You do not need to install any Plugins. There are only two FileMaker files (one is the Config file and the other one is the SyncApp itself). A big plus is that "Sync" can be used without the need of a FileMaker Server. However the "Sync" can be installed on a FileMaker Server as well.
The major difference to other synchronisation tools or plugins is that you can have a mixed system. This means that a FileMaker Pro client can synchronise with a FileMaker Go App. Runtime-Solutions are supported as well as iOS FileMaker apps. 


As the guys from work360 (the makers of MirrorSync) say, a synchronisation process should be measured in seconds rather than in minutes. Thats exactly how fast SyncApp works. In addition, we think that the setup process for the synchronisation should be measured in minutes rather than hours.

Supported Fieldtypes

  • All fieldtypes are supported: Text, Number, Date, Times, Timestamp, Container, Calculation, Summary.
  • Calculated values as well as Looked up values or data entry are supported.
  • All applied styles and formats will be synchronised as well.


Serial numbers must have a separate range on each device to not interfer eachother (it is not recommended to use serial numbers as primary key!)

Not convinced?

There are many different solutions to make your data available on multiple devices using the FileMaker platform.