For FileMaker Pro / Advanced, FileMaker Go (iOS), FileMaker Server and Runtime Solutions

Demo FileMaker starter database (Contact) setup with "Sync"

Demo files for the starter database (Contact) compiled as a runtime

For the demo files and the runtime you can use the username and password:

If you do not want to create an account to test the sync. (all data for this demo are public!)


The setup can be accomplished within 5-10 minutes and needs only minimal modification of your databases and tables:
Watch the uncut process in this movie here, on vimeo or youtube.

  1. Download files
  2. Copy the files: Unzip and copy all the sync-files (3 files) in the same folder as your existing FileMaker solution files are.
  3. Setup: Start the setup by running the file Sync.fmp12 and follow the 5 simple steps to make your application ready for sync.
  4. After finishing you have a solution which can be synced between multiple devices
  5. Add a sync button to your layout: Place a sync button somewhere on your layout and select the script "sync" from the SyncInterface file (add the file as a remote source first).
  6. Test: Copy the whole solution to another folder (including the Sync files) or another device. Login with the same account to sync


Compatible with the following products:
FileMaker Pro 13, FileMaker Pro Advanced 13, FileMaker Server 13, FileMaker GO 13,
FileMaker Pro 14, FileMaker Pro Advanced 14, FileMaker Server 14, FileMaker GO 14,
FileMaker Pro 15, FileMaker Pro Advanced 15, FileMaker Server 15, FileMaker GO 15,
FileMaker Pro 16, FileMaker Pro Advanced 16, FileMaker Server 16, FileMaker GO 16,
FileMaker Pro 17, FileMaker Pro Advanced 17, FileMaker Server 17, FileMaker GO 17,
FileMaker Pro 18, FileMaker Pro Advanced 18, FileMaker Server 18, FileMaker GO 18