Device without an internet connection?
Different applications share the same data?
FileMaker hosting / Concurrent connections are too expensive?

This is the solution: FileMaker synchronisation

Easy setup

No advanced FileMaker developing skills needed for the setup

No server needed

All applications run on the client and get synchronised with the cloud (no FileMaker server or data server needed)

All FileMaker products supported

Synchronises runtime solutions, FileMaker pro / advanced files as well as FileMaker go and files hosted on FileMaker server

Secure and fast

The data get bundled, compressed and finally transmitted securely over SSL all the time

What is "Sync" for FileMaker?

"Sync" for FileMaker was created to sync your FileMaker files without a lot of programming knowledge. You share your data between multiple databases (replicate). To provide the best possible compatibility the sync will work on either FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server as well as FileMaker Go, FileMaker Apps and FileMaker Runtime solutions.

You are developer?

The solution supports multi tenancy, which means: As a developer you can set up your solution with the sync using the developer account. After that you can sell your application to your customers who will log in using their customer account to sync their files. Inside the dashboard you will be able to manage your customers and their sync accounts.

You want to set up a synchronisation for your own solution?

No problem. You can simply create your own account without having to add other tenants. You start synchronising right away!

Why "Sync" for FileMaker?

  • Work offline! No need for a permanent internet connection
  • No FileMaker Server (FMS) needed: no costs for concurrent connections or additional webconnections!
  • Very easy to set up
  • Built by experienced FileMaker and cloud developers
  • Hosted on secure servers in Germany and Switzerland